17 October 2019

  17 October 2019 

Alfresco Day in Paris, France

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Meet The Team

We will be participating to the next Alfresco Day and we're happy to talk to you there. We also can already arrange a meeting for that day - just that we don't miss, because usually the Alfresco Days are very popular and therefore even crowded. If you prefer to schedule a meeting for that day, just get in touch with us.

Volker Blaesig


A white elephant with long history in SAP and ECM: With more than 20+ years of experience he knows the topic! He will give a fast feedback how your business idea can be realized.

Philipp Hoefler


Philipp has been with connexas right from the beginning and knows each line of code in person. He is your guaranty for a robust product and in case of any issue, he will be with you to manage it.

Mario Fliegner

Professional Services

You wanna run a implementation project with one of our products? As a certified project manager, Mario is your guaranty for a successful project based on his long professional services history.

Check our Product Lines

  • SAP NetWeaver® Integration

    Choose our product connexas content to connect Alfresco Content Services with SAP in a certified way. Store documents from SAP in Alfresco, make meta-data from the SAP business object available at the Alfresco document, or trigger a SAP action from Alfresco side.
  • SAP Fiori® Integration

    Our product connexas frontend enables current Alfresco Process Services user to access their workflows through the SAP Fiori Launchpad running within the SAP Cloud Platform. Approved and certified by SAP.
  • SAP® Integration

    With connexas process we provide a solution that empowers companies to use meta-data from SAP within custom workflows of Alfresco Process Services. Pre-defined SAP function calls make it easy to start with SAP related data in the App designer.

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