pernexas GmbH was founded in 2008. Right from the beginning, we were focusing clearly on the integration between Alfresco and SAP. Therefore we've invented a product, connexas.


  • 2019 / October

    pernexas GmbH to be acquired by Alfresco Software, Inc.. Read the press release: Alfresco Acquires Integration Specialist pernexas

  • 2019 / March

    We have published an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) at the Amazon Marketplace to launch an EC2 instance from it. The AMI contains a pre-configured Alfresco Content Services 6 installation with connexas content 4. With this, we offer a FastTrack approach to connect Alfresco with SAP in minutes. Learn more about the Alfresco AWS FastTrack to SAP.

  • 2019 / February

    We became an AWS Technology Partner.

  • 2019 / January

    We've released our new major version connexas content 4. It was successfully re-certified by SAP and therefore received the label SAP Certified Integration with SAP S/4HANA. As a feature, the new version now fully supports Alfresco 6.x and also S/4HANA. Read more about it.

  • 2018 / January

    We're delighted to announce that our product connexas frontent has received SAP-certification as built on SAP Cloud Platform! Now we have 2 SAP-certified products in stock. View product detail page.

  • 2017 / October

    Started to re-brand our Alfresco-SAP integration connexas 3 to connexas content. The word content should reflect the similar word in Alfresco Content Services. This is now the third product under the line connexas. View product details.

  • 2017 / July

    Introducing our new product line connexas frontend. With the new product you are able to run Alfresco Process Services (formerly Activiti) workflows through SAP Fiori. Learn more about connexas frontend.

  • 2017 / May

    Launching our existing SAP-Activiti connector with the re-branded name connexas process as new product line of connexas! Access SAP data within Alfresco Process Services (formerly Activiti workflows). Learn more about connexas process.

  • 2017 / April

    A fundamental decision was made: We've decided to use the name connexas in the near future as name of a product line! Having this, we are able to release more products under this name that integrates Alfresco with SAP.

  • 2015 / October

    We've successfully passed the SAP certification for our new version connexas 3 which has been certified for integration with SAP NetWeaver via the SAP integration scenario BC-AL 7.40.

  • 2013 / July

    Our version connexas 2.5 has now also received the label "Alfresco certified technology" - as the very first product for Alfresco ever.

  • 2012 / November

    We've received the SAP certification for version 2.5 of connexas. First milestone and first release as a product instead a solution.

  • 2012 / March

    pernexas GmbH has acquired a solution called CTAC-Connector from a Dutch company.

  • 2008 / April

    The company was founded.


17Oct 2019
  • Alfresco Day 2019 - Paris
  • Alfresco Day 2019 - Paris
  • Alfresco Day 2019 - Paris
  • Alfresco Day 2019 - Paris

We’ve been a Gold Sponsor at the Alfresco Day in Paris, so Volker and Mario attended to this great event. Like the year before (at the same location) it was very crowded with many people visiting! We’ve socialized with our partners and also with some of our customers. Of course, there has been a few […]

25Sep 2019
  • Alfresco Day 2019 - London
  • Alfresco Day 2019 - London
  • Alfresco Day 2019 - London
  • Alfresco Day 2019 - London

Volker and Mario has attended the Alfresco Partner Day (September 24th) and the Alfresco Day in London, UK. Unlike last year, where the event happened in December, this year it took place in September. The event location was brilliant. From our booth we could see Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. Besides we met […]

03Apr 2019
  • Alfresco Day 2019 - New York City
  • Alfresco Day 2019 - New York City
  • Alfresco Day 2019 - New York City
  • Alfresco Day 2019 - New York City
  • Alfresco Day 2019 - New York City
  • Alfresco Day 2019 - New York City

In April, Mario took again the long trip over the Atlantic ocean to attend the Alfresco Day in New York City. We did not want to miss this important day and supported it with a Silver sponsorship. The event was held in the Apella hotel (as it was back in 2017 back in 2017). Our […]