One step beyond SAP default meta-data!
Is connexas content or connexas process already successfully up and running? Now you are struggling with the fact, that you have to introduce or to adapt new business-processes which requires additional meta-data from SAP? Or maybe business-cases has changed over time?
We can help you to manage this requirement on a project base and extend your current integration to replicate any additional meta-data that will match the new requirements.

This packages includes (dependent on use-case):

  1. Adapting Alfresco Content Services

    Implementing a new Alfresco job that invokes one SAP standard function module to replicate additional meta-data. The meta-data (up to 10) retrieved from the SAP function call will be matched with the Alfresco aspects keeping the meta-data on Alfresco side.

  2. Adapting Alfresco Process Services

    Enhance the Alfresco Process Services API to invoke another SAP function module and enable additional meta-data in the workflow.

  3. Fixed Price Arrangement

    We deliver the above mentioned by a fixed rate on a project basis.

  4. Documentation

    The implementation as well as the configuration will be documented.