Still a question: What about … the legacy data?
Are you planning to migrate documents from existing content repositories in SAP to Alfresco Content Services? We do have the tool (our Migration Tool) and the experience available to migrate documents of any archive that is connected as content repository behind SAP to Alfresco. We did already successful migrations from the following legacy systems:

  • IBM FileNet to Alfresco
  • OpenText to Alfresco
  • Documentum to Alfresco
  • SAP Content Server to Alfresco
  • Various other legacy systems (e.g. Keyfile, InvesDoc, …) to Alfresco

Offer Details & Price

If you decide to go with our Migration Tool, here are some key facts about what is included in the price below:

  • Migration program
    The tool will be delivered as SAP ABAP program running on SAP.

  • Support
    We provide support with our experience and knowledge.

  • Documentation
    There will be a detailed documentation available.

  • 1 Million Documents
    The price below includes the migration for up to 1 million documents in the content repository.

  • 2 days of Professional Services included to cover:

  • Installation & Configuration
    We help you set up the Migration Tool in your Development system.

  • Testrun
    We will process a testrun with you in your Development system.