SOFFCONT1 Migration & Cleanup


Many enterprises use document management options available in SAP standard – documents are stored via “Services for Object” (GOS menu), “Create” and “Create Attachment”:


With SAP standard, these documents are stored to SAP tables (in the database), typically in table SOFFCONT1 or even in *ASRCONT* (like ASRCONT03, T5ASRCONT01, …) while they are growing significantly over the years of usage which will result in:

  • Big tables

  • Bad performance

  • Long backup times

  • Problems during SAP upgrades

  • Show stoppers for the migration to SAP HANA (big table for migration and operation)

  • High costs for storage (SAP DB is an expensive place to store documents!)

The aim is to reduce the size/entries of SOFFCONT1 significantly to get rid of the above mentioned Problems and keep the documents accessible to the end users.

Solution Overview

Our smart solution “SAP SOFFCONT1 Migration and Cleanup” offers an easy to implement and robust operation approach for the reduction of these tables, especially SOFFCONT1!


How it works: Currently the documents are stored via the SAP standard “Services for Object”, “Create Attachment” in SAP table SOFFCONT1. These attachments will be moved out of the SAP table and stored in external storage system, e. g. Alfresco or SAP Content Server and are still accessible in SAP. Beside, we also offer our Migration Tool and related services to move attachments from SAP database to Alfresco.

Two migration scenarios are available:

  1. Migrate SOFFCONT1 attachments to ArchiveLink
  2. Migrate SOFFCONT1 attachments to other category

Both migration scenarios are executed in the following steps:

  1. Copy attachment to Alfresco
  2. Delete links e. g. to business object
  3. Delete entry in SOFFCONT1

The selection of the migration option will be discussed based on the customers SAP set up and future needs.

Please see our Migration Tool details for more Information on the migration process.

Display documents after migration

The display of the migrated documents is in both options nearly the same: Only the “type of document” has changed, the document/information looks the same.

More Information


  • 2 days of Professional Services included to cover:

  • Installation & Configuration
    We help you set up the Migration Tool in your Development system.

  • Testrun
    We will process a testrun with you in your Development system.

To get more information about our service to cleanup the table, please get in touch with us.