Best way to start over!
With our starter package we offer a great option to implement our product(s) in your company environment. We prefer to start with an initialization workshop to understand your requirements, talking on the same level at the same language. We install the product(s) on your system and do the basic configuration on SAP and Alfresco. You will see the simplicity of the installation and even the configuration. Our comprehensive manuals will help you to implement future scenarios by your own.

A note to the Starter Package: Based on my experience with our valued customers, this package offers the best way to start with our products on customer side.

Volker Blaesig - CEO


The Starter Package includes:

  1. Initialization Workshop

    The goal of the workshop is to get a detailed view of the environment, the needs of the customer, inform the customer about the connexas software details and prepare the implementation.

  2. Installation & Configuration

    The connexas software will be installed on the customer development environment and the SAP – Alfresco communication will be validated. As a requirement for the installation, all necessary prerequisites (mentioned in our pre-requisites document) should match before.

  3. Configuring Scenarios

    Depending on the connexas software used, the following scenarios will be covered:
    connexas content: Store finance documents via SAP in Alfresco, replicate default default SAP meta-data to Alfresco and display documents in SAP and Alfresco.
    connexas frontend: Run APS workflow in SAP Fiori.

  4. Final Workshop

    The implemented scenarios are explained and tested. The results and future scenarios will be discussed.