Connect Alfresco Content Services with SAP in a certified way!

Our product connexas content enables you to connect the open-source ECM system Alfresco with the worlds leading software in enterprise applications: SAP! It's the only product on market that is certified by SAP and certified by Alfresco. This means, that we can offer a very powerful, reliable, fully flexible and easy extendable product, that matches all best practices and coding standards to interact between both systems.

connexas 3 - Scheme

Benefits of the integration

Preferring connexas content as your Alfresco-SAP interface comes around with certain advantages and many ready-to-use features:

  1. SAP certified business solution

    SAP Certified

    Certified by SAP means, that the product matches all criteria and standards that are required for the communication with the SAP HTTP Content server via SAP Archivelink protocol. Even the performance is part of the certification process and also, the product is listed within the SAP SLD.

  2. Alfresco certified technology solution

    SAP Certified

    Certified by Alfresco means, that the program code was approved by Alfresco to match all best-practices and coding standards. It is also ensured that only public API of Alfresco is used for the communication. This minimizes impacts on updates within a major version.

  3. Fully integrated into Alfresco – no additional Software/Hardware is required

    connexas content is installed as a module on Alfresco, therefore it’s running within the Alfresco context and does not need any additional hard- or software to be installed.

  4. Seamless integrated into the SAP environment

    connexas content just needs some configuration (customizing) on SAP side to store documents to Alfresco. Nothing needs to be installed on SAP side.

  5. SAP HANA / SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) support

    Because connexas content connects through the SAP Netweaver and SAP Netweaver is supported to run with HCP, connexas content is also accessible.

  6. Integrates in SAP S/4 HANA / SAP Fiori ready

    Because connexas content connects through the SAP Netweaver and SAP Netweaver is supported to run with HCP and therefore S/4 HANA, connexas content is also accessible.

  7. Easy extendable – start small, grow in time

    You can start with just a few common use-cases and then start to adapt more use-cases and implement other scenarios. It’s easy possible by our integrated framework framexas.

  8. Plug&Play ready – connect SAP with Alfresco in less than one hour

    The installation and configuration is very easy – please take our pre-requisites into account. Just a few configuration steps (on SAP and Alfresco side) are necessary after installing the module, so that you’ll have your integration ready in less than one hour.

  9. SAP meta-data are available for non-SAP users in Alfresco

    The default replication job of connexas content does already transfer some common meta-data from the SAP business object to the Alfresco document (available as values in a new aspect). So, these information are available in Alfresco as well. One of the default replicated meta-data is the  SAP Object Id. A full list of the available meta-data can be found in the Features section. 

  10. Bi-directional data-exchange

    The data-exchange is available in both directions. Storing documents from SAP to Alfresco and even linking documents from Alfresco to SAP. There is also a way to trigger an action on SAP side (like start a SAP workflow) from Alfresco.

  11. Replication of common meta-data from SAP to Alfresco already by default

    connexas content comes along with a default job (can be disabled/enabled) that replicates common meta-data from the SAP business object to the Alfresco document

  12. Connect up to 10 different SAP systems to one Alfresco

    connexas content allows to connect up to 10 different SAP systems to 1 Alfresco Enterprise. Furthermore, not only 10 SAP systems are supported but also up to 10 different content repositories from 1 SAP systems can be connected with different document root folders, different credentials,… even a mix and match is possible.

  13. Supports scalability for Alfresco systems

    Because connexas content has received the Alfresco certification, it fully supports scalability if Alfresco is installed in a clustered landscape.

About the certification

A few words about the certification that must be renewed either after a certain time-frame or after doing some major software changes.

Alfresco certified
connexas content is an Alfresco certified technology solution! This means, the program-code was approved by Alfresco to match all best-practices and coding standards. As it is also ensured, that only public API of Alfresco is used for communication, it runs on all approved versions in the same way and it minimizes impacts on updates within the same major version.

SAP certified
connexas content is also a SAP certified business solution! This means that all Archivelink scenarios will be supported on the SAP HTTP Content Server version 4.7 (SAP HANA support) and that the documents are stored within a certain time to avoid performance issues. Our product is also listed in the SAP APP Center!

Multimedia resources

Check our Youtube channel to find all related videos regarding connexas content. There are many recorded sessions which demonstrates the feasibility of common use-cases where documents from SAP are stored to Alfresco. In addition, recorded Webinars of our partners that use connexas content to connect Alfresco with SAP at their customers are available.

Product Demonstration

In about 6:30min we will demonstrate the capabilities of our Alfresco-SAP integration. Get a fast overview about the functionalities of connexas4content based on an example of a SAP purchase order. We will show you how to store and to display documents in SAP (that are managed in Alfresco), we also demonstrate the search capabilities in Alfresco to show SAP related documents. Furthermore, we give an example on how to manage the folder structure in Alfresco based on SAP replicated meta-data and even how to access the SAP business object from within Alfresco. In the demonstration we use connexas4content core features only:

By choosing connexas content as a certified Alfresco-SAP integration you will have a wide range of features available that are ready to use. This section explores the capabilities that are offered with the product. All mentioned features below are included in the delivery without a cost of extra charge.


First of all, the list below provide you some insights about the technical points that are covered by the product:
  • Alfresco 5.0, 5.1 + 5.2 Support

  • Clustering Support

  • Default Data Replication

  • Extendable by framexas

  • Highlight Linked Documents

  • HTTPS Support

  • Multi SAP System Support

  • Multi Platform Support

  • Open SAP object from Alfresco

  • SAP S/4 HANA support

  • SAP Document Finder Support

  • SAP Solution Manager Support

  • SSO (Single-Sign-On)


The following section contains an excerpt of available functionality and features that are shipped with connexas content. All of them are even available in the trial version.

Complimentary documents dashlet
Complimentary documents dashlet
Complimentary documents dashlet
Complimentary documents dashlet
Complimentary documents dashlet

Archivelink scenarios

All SAP Archivelink scenarios based on the SAP HTTP-Content Server 4.7 protocol are supported! This is proofed by the SAP certification. Having that said, the following scenarios can be managed with full support:

  • Managing incoming documents such as invoices

  • Managing outgoing documents such as order confirmations

  • Data Archiving (ADK)

  • Print List Archiving (e.g. quarter end report)

  • DART (Data Retention Tool)

Trigger SAP scenarios from Alfresco

To provide the capability of triggering any action in SAP from Alfresco side, a couple of scenarios are available by default. The framework that is used to provide this functionality is called framexas (for more details see below) and it is shipped with the core product. The following use-cases can be covered by using the provided document-types:

  • Start SAP Workflow:
    The most flexible way to trigger an arbitrary action on SAP side from Alfresco. Options for "early archiving" or "late archiving" are available. Any complex workflow in SAP can be triggered by the Alfresco document of the special document-type.

  • Create Archivelink document:
    Provides the ability to connect an arbitrary document, that was created in Alfresco, to a particular SAP business object.

  • Barcode document:
    Use the barcode document-type to connect the Alfresco document with the SAP business object.

Default data replication

The following meta-data from the SAP business object connected via ArchiveLink will be replicated by default and are available on new aspects at the Alfresco document:

  • SAP Object Id

  • SAP Object Type

  • SAP Document Type

  • SAP Client

  • SAP Reserve

  • SAP Archive Date

  • SAP Deletion Date

  • SAP Short Description

  • SAP Filename

  • SAP Creator

  • SAP Creation Time

All these SAP meta-data are available after activating the associated Alfresco jobs (which are shipped with the connexas core product). Need more meta-data in Alfresco available? Either extend it by yourself or we can help you to manage this (as a service)!

Replicated data by default

10 SAP systems can connect to 1 Alfresco

Connect up to 10 different SAP systems to one Alfresco instance. For each SAP system it would be at least possible to:

  • Have a separate document root folder (Alfresco site or repository folder)

  • Handle it as pure Archivelink only

  • Enable or disable jobs and behaviors

  • Connect with different credentials

  • Enable or disable certificates

  • Enable or disable "Open in SAP" feature (and overwrite SAP Object settings)

Instead connecting 10 different SAP systems, this feature can also be used to connect up to 10 content repositories of 1 SAP system or even a mix of both - with the same advantages.

Connect multiple SAP systems or content repositories

Open SAP business object from Alfresco document

Once an Alfresco document is linked to SAP, a new document action appears that allows to open the SAP business object directly with the SAP Web-GUI and within the correct transaction! The following SAP objects are covered by default:

  • BKPF

  • BUS2012

  • BUS2105

  • BUS1065

  • BUS2032

  • BUS2010

  • BUS2081

This list of predefined SAP objects can be easily enhanced just by editing a file in the Alfresco repository (no server restart required). Also, this feature can be enabled or disabled per SAP system.

Open corresponding business object in SAP

Highlighting of linked documents

Documents and folders that are connected to their corresponding business objects in SAP can be easily identified by a small icon in front of the document/folder - regardless of the view. It can be seen at a glance whether the document has a SAP connection or not.
Highlighting of linked documents

Extend it with framexas

Our small and lightweight integration framework framexas offers the capability to extend connexas content in an easy way. It is included in the delivery and it can be used to adapt and implement additional use-cases that are not covered by the core product. For example, it is possible to:

  • Replicate any additional meta-data from the SAP business objects to Alfresco

  • Replicate data from Alfresco to SAP

It is up to the customer or to the partner to implement additional scenarios as required. But we also offer related services to the framwork. The adaptation can be done by subscribing to events. We have a complimentary project on GitHub that allows you, to figure out all available Events of your connexas content version. If you need more information about the framework, please contact us!
Included integration framework: framexas

Administration panel

More related to the administration than to any end-user scenario is the connexas content Admin-Panel which is also included within the core product. It contains information about the current configuration of the Alfresco-SAP interface. For example:

  • Check / renew license and view maintenance information - check for updates

  • Review the configuration of all connected SAP systems

  • View information about the jobs (enabled/disabled, invokation)

  • Set log-levels of connexas to identify issues with the configuration

The connexas Admin-Panel offers the capability to have all Alfresco-SAP related information available within one view at one point. No need to collect the information from different files and resources.
connexas content Administration panel

Complimentary documents dashlet

We offer a complimentary goody for all Alfresco Share users: A dashlet that shows all SAP linked documents related to a given criteria. It is hosted on GitHub and everyone can download and install it. We appreciate, if you contribute any changes that makes the dashlet even better!

  • Alfresco 5.x only

  • Filter for document type

  • Set number of results

  • Show only linked documents of the current user

The dashlet is not part of the core product. It is not officially supported by any contract. You can download it here: SAP-Documents-Dashlet

Complimentary documents dashlet

We offer the following additional services related to our product connexas content:

Starter Package
Additional meta-data replication
Migration Tool
SOFFCONT1 Migration & Cleanup

Please click on the desired link above or scroll down to the related section to learn more.


Best way to start over!
With our starter package we offer a great option to implement our product(s) in your company environment. We prefer to start with an initialization workshop to understand your requirements, talking on the same level at the same language. We install the product(s) on your system and do the basic configuration on SAP and Alfresco. You will see the simplicity of the installation and even the configuration. Our comprehensive manuals will help you to implement future scenarios by your own.

A note to the Starter Package: Based on my experience with our valued customers, this package offers the best way to start with our products on customer side.

Volker Blaesig - CEO


The Starter Package includes:

  1. Initialization Workshop

    The goal of the workshop is to get a detailed view of the environment, the needs of the customer, inform the customer about the connexas software details and prepare the implementation.

  2. Installation & Configuration

    The connexas software will be installed on the customer development environment and the SAP – Alfresco communication will be validated. As a requirement for the installation, all necessary prerequisites (mentioned in our pre-requisites document) should match before.

  3. Configuring Scenarios

    Depending on the connexas software used, the following scenarios will be covered:
    connexas content: Store finance documents via SAP in Alfresco, replicate default default SAP meta-data to Alfresco and display documents in SAP and Alfresco.
    connexas frontend: Run APS workflow in SAP Fiori.

  4. Final Workshop

    The implemented scenarios are explained and tested. The results and future scenarios will be discussed.


One step beyond SAP default meta-data!
Is connexas content or connexas process already successfully up and running? Now you are struggling with the fact, that you have to introduce or to adapt new business-processes which requires additional meta-data from SAP? Or maybe business-cases has changed over time?
We can help you to manage this requirement on a project base and extend your current integration to replicate any additional meta-data that will match the new requirements.

This packages includes (dependent on use-case):

  1. Adapting Alfresco Content Services

    Implementing a new Alfresco job that invokes one SAP standard function module to replicate additional meta-data. The meta-data (up to 10) retrieved from the SAP function call will be matched with the Alfresco aspects keeping the meta-data on Alfresco side.

  2. Adapting Alfresco Process Services

    Enhance the Alfresco Process Services API to invoke another SAP function module and enable additional meta-data in the workflow.

  3. Fixed Price Arrangement

    We deliver the above mentioned by a fixed rate on a project basis.

  4. Documentation

    The implementation as well as the configuration will be documented.


Still a question: What about … the legacy data?
Are you planning to migrate documents from existing content repositories in SAP to Alfresco Content Services? We do have the tool (our Migration Tool) and the experience available to migrate documents of any archive that is connected as content repository behind SAP to Alfresco. We did already successful migrations from the following legacy systems:

  • IBM FileNet to Alfresco
  • OpenText to Alfresco
  • Documentum to Alfresco
  • SAP Content Server to Alfresco
  • Various other legacy systems (e.g. Keyfile, InvesDoc, …) to Alfresco

Offer Details & Price

If you decide to go with our Migration Tool, here are some key facts about what is included in the price below:

  • Migration program
    The tool will be delivered as SAP ABAP program running on SAP.

  • Support
    We provide support with our experience and knowledge.

  • Documentation
    There will be a detailed documentation available.

  • 1 Million Documents
    The price below includes the migration for up to 1 million documents in the content repository.

  • 2 days of Professional Services included to cover:

  • Installation & Configuration
    We help you set up the Migration Tool in your Development system.

  • Testrun
    We will process a testrun with you in your Development system.

SOFFCONT1 Migration & Cleanup


Many enterprises use document management options available in SAP standard – documents are stored via “Services for Object” (GOS menu), “Create” and “Create Attachment”:


With SAP standard, these documents are stored to SAP tables (in the database), typically in table SOFFCONT1 or even in *ASRCONT* (like ASRCONT03, T5ASRCONT01, …) while they are growing significantly over the years of usage which will result in:

  • Big tables

  • Bad performance

  • Long backup times

  • Problems during SAP upgrades

  • Show stoppers for the migration to SAP HANA (big table for migration and operation)

  • High costs for storage (SAP DB is an expensive place to store documents!)

The aim is to reduce the size/entries of SOFFCONT1 significantly to get rid of the above mentioned Problems and keep the documents accessible to the end users.

Solution Overview

Our smart solution “SAP SOFFCONT1 Migration and Cleanup” offers an easy to implement and robust operation approach for the reduction of these tables, especially SOFFCONT1!


How it works: Currently the documents are stored via the SAP standard “Services for Object”, “Create Attachment” in SAP table SOFFCONT1. These attachments will be moved out of the SAP table and stored in external storage system, e. g. Alfresco or SAP Content Server and are still accessible in SAP. Beside, we also offer our Migration Tool and related services to move attachments from SAP database to Alfresco.

Two migration scenarios are available:

  1. Migrate SOFFCONT1 attachments to ArchiveLink
  2. Migrate SOFFCONT1 attachments to other category

Both migration scenarios are executed in the following steps:

  1. Copy attachment to Alfresco
  2. Delete links e. g. to business object
  3. Delete entry in SOFFCONT1

The selection of the migration option will be discussed based on the customers SAP set up and future needs.

Please see our Migration Tool details for more Information on the migration process.

Display documents after migration

The display of the migrated documents is in both options nearly the same: Only the “type of document” has changed, the document/information looks the same.

More Information


  • 2 days of Professional Services included to cover:

  • Installation & Configuration
    We help you set up the Migration Tool in your Development system.

  • Testrun
    We will process a testrun with you in your Development system.

To get more information about our service to cleanup the table, please get in touch with us.

We also offer some additional modules for connexas content, that empowers you to use more to integrate SAP with Alfresco Content Services (also vice-versa) even deeper. These modules are Add-Ons and available for purchase.

URL-Jumper: Enable Alfresco Document Management for SAP


connexas4content Module AddOn URLJumper

URL-Jumper: About the AddOn

The AddOn URL-Jumper is intended to enable all Alfresco document management capabilities for a SAP business object. If you’re using SAP Archivelink (by using connexas) to store and access documents from Alfresco, the SAP user will see a link in the attachment list of the business object that opens the document directly within the SAP viewer. However, there is no way to do any further actions – it’s just a view of the document (that’s what the ArchiveLink protocol was made for). With our AddOn URL-Jumper, we provide the capability to jump from the SAP business object’s attachment list directly to the document in Alfresco Content Services and therefore, all Alfresco document management features (like versioning, add/change meta-data) are available.

URL-Jumper: Quick Video Demo

This short 5 minutes video will give a quick introduction about the AddOn and how it works. BTW: Check our Youtube channel to find more related videos of our products.

URL-Jumper: Benefits

The URL-Jumper comes along with a couple of benefits that will extend connexas content to be even more powerful and productive.

  • Real Document Management is one click away from the SAP business object.

  • Create links manually or by Alfresco rules, meaning from Alfresco side.

  • Create links manually or by any SAP logic on SAP side for the business object.

  • Take advantage of access rights and permissions.

  • Enable/disable feature for each SAP content repository.

  • Allow/deny access from SAP for each SAP content repository.

  • Choose Alfresco entry point for each SAP content repository (Document Detail, Search Result,…).

URL-Jumper: Requirements / Pre-requisites

The following requirements must match to run the URL-Jumper on your systems:

  • connexas content – the certified SAP-Alfresco integration must be installed
  • A valid license is required
  • AddOn is shiped with a custom function module (BAPI) that has to be installed on SAP side
  • User must have credentials to login to Alfresco

URL-Jumper: Details & Screenshots

Below you’ll find some details and insights about the AddOn.

Access It...

The AddOn offers currently four smart ways to jump from SAP into different views of Alfresco Content Services. They are all related to the current SAP business object where the user starts from. This entry point can be set up for each SAP content repository separately.

Folder View
Folder View:
This view is intended to show all documents that are related and connected to the current business object in SAP. Besides the “real document” there can be other documents like SAP Notes for example.


Folder Details
Folder Details:
While this choice was made for the content repository, the user ends up directly in the folder details view. This might be interesting for some industries or some use-cases.


Document Details
Document Details:
If there is a need to jump directly to the related document and not to the folder, then this view can be choosen in the content repository configuration. The user will see the document details including the preview and is able to edit the properties immediately (if he is allowed to).


Search Result
Search Result:
The smartest way to enter Alfresco from SAP side. If a user clicks the related attachment url at the SAP business object, the faceted search in Alfresco opens and the search result appears based on document properties (i.e. SAP Content Repository, SAP Object Id, SAP Document Type,…). The properties that should be considered during the search can be easily maintain.

Link It...

There are a few ways to add the required Alfresco folder as link in SAP as an attachment URL. You either can use the related menu item from the GOS menu in SAP at the business object which is called “Create external document (URL)”. This means you have to enter the URL manually and you have to know exactly what to type in! This is not common, but would be possible. Maybe some additional functionality in SAP will pre-fill or create the link. The better way – and even what is shipped with our AddOn- is to create the link from Alfresco side. The URL-Jumper will enhance the folder actions in Alfresco with a new menu item. On click at that item, the URL will be created and attached to the SAP business object immediately. Furthermore, the action can be fully automated, too. The URL-Jumper offers a way to trigger the creation by JavaScript. Having this, an Alfresco rule can be easily used to link the folder to the SAP business object and any additional (custom) business logic can be used before or after the creation.

The Alfresco way - manually
The Alfresco way – manually:
A new folder-action menu item appears that will link the folder to the corresponding business object in SAP, once the connexas “replicate” job has finished successfully and the “SAP Replicate Details” aspect is available at the document in the folder. A new indicator icon will help to figure out folders easily that are already linked. For linked folders the “Add folder as link…” menu item is hidden.


The Alfresco way - automated by rules
The Alfresco way – automated by rules:
If there is a need to trigger the creation of the link based on any other customer specific business logic and automatically, Alfresco rules are the way to go. To be able to execute the action and to create the document URL on the SAP business object, the business rules has been extended to call the feature within JavaScript context. The URLJumper addon will be shipped with a rule template script that demonstrates how the implementation can be accomplished.
This is the smartest way to use the AddOn in Alfresco. It offers the most flexible and most powerful way to implement the link creation fully automated and within the current customer related requirements.


The SAP way - manually
The SAP way – manually:
The link to the Alfresco folder can also be created manually on SAP side. At the business object, in the GOS menu, the item “Create external document (URL)” can be used. Requirement is to know exactly the NodeRef of the folder in Alfresco.

Secure It...

The URL-Jumper AddOn is shipped with a special permission and a pre-defined role to match security standards. Having this, the folder-action item is only visible and executable for Alfresco users with the required permission. Without this permission the user is neither able to see nor to execute the action. With the pre-defined role it is easy to extend the Alfresco standard roles (Collaborator, Contributor, Consumer).
Besides this permission model there is an easy way for the Administrator to prevent access from SAP to Alfresco based on content repository level. Meaning, even there is a document URL at the SAP business object available that links to an existing Alfresco folder, the administrator is able to deny the access to all documents via the SAP document URL link.
Note: The implemented security model does not affect the security model in SAP, it just covers the Alfresco side! The menu item “Create external document (URL)” within the GOS menu in SAP might be always visible and even executable.

Role based permissions
Role based:
With the new available permission and the pre-defined role “SAP Publisher” that are available after the installation, there is an easy way to adapt the existing security concept to your needs to allow users to use the feature or not. Only users with role “SAP Publisher” are able to see the folder-action and therefore are able to create the document URL at the corresponding SAP business object.


Role based permissions
Content Repository based:
Based on the content repository level there are some more powerful possibilities to allow/deny access to the feature: There is a setting to disable the feature for all users – regardless of their roles. Even they do have the “SAP Publisher” role assigned they would not be able to see the related folder action. With this it would not be possible to create any document URL in SAP for the current content repository and it would not be possible to access the folder from the SAP document URL. This means the URLJumper is completely disabled for the content repository. Further, it’s also possible to prevent access from SAP to the current folder. For example, if a User in SAP clicks on the document URL to open the folder in Alfresco, this access can be denied by just enabling the related setting of the content repository.
For some use-cases these possibilities can be powerful features that can be enabled easily be the administrator and that are available on-the-fly (without restarting the application server).


We offer a fully functional trial version of our interface connexas content (latest version is currently: 4.2.0).

To request the trial version please follow this link.

Do you know our FastTrack approach?

Instead of downloading and installing connexas content on-prem, you also can launch an EC2 instance of an existing Amazon Machine Image (AMI) we offer. The AMI contains a pre-configured Alfresco Content Services and our connexas content interface (including test licenses for both). Runs in minutes. You just need to connect your SAP system for testing. We call this approach Alfresco AWS FastTrack to SAP (click the link to learn more).

Reseller & Implementation Partner

We offer local support by our valued partners! Please choose a reseller or implementation partner from the list below (excerpt). For a complete list of all available companies of any other region just follow this link to our global partner network.