Our pricing options for connexas content are similar to the Alfresco Standard & Enterprise subscription model. We offer a scalable subscription model that includes full support as well as all updates of our software. Refer to the below section to see what’s included in one license and how the subscription model can be scaled for larger installations.


The prices of our plans (see next section below) represents one license (mentioned as “1 connexas content license” in the image). Each license includes an Alfresco server with up to 4 cores and one SAP production system (one SAP system ID). All related systems (SAP Development, SAP Test, SAP Quality) of the SAP production system ID are also covered by the license. However, if the Alfresco server has more than 4 cores or there is at least another SAP production system available, we offer an option to buy additional packages both for additional Alfresco cores and for additional SAP production systems. The prices for the additional packages are also mentioned below within each plan.

  1. Example 1: Additional Alfresco core package

    If the Alfresco server consists of 10 cores, there is a need to acquire 2 additional “Alfresco core” packages for the license in order the software will work as expected.

  2. Example 2: Additional SAP package

    If Alfresco should be connected to a FI and a HR SAP production system (each with a separate SAP system ID), 1 additional “SAP Production System” package is required for the license.


Below are all available plan options we offer to purchase a valid license for connexas content with prices in detail. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.

We offer a transparent pricing model - just find the prices here on our page.

Volker Blaesig - CEO

  • SUBSCRIPTION yearly payment
  • € 17.000
  • Additional package Alfresco cores: €8.500 (yearly)
  • Additional package SAP system: €8.500 (yearly)
  • Unlimited user
  • Full support
  • All updates included
  • All SAP production system related systems included
  • Connect up to 100 SAP systems / Content Repositories
  • € 0.00
  • Unlimited user
  • Limited support
  • No updates included
  • All SAP production system related systems included
  • Connect up to 10 SAP systems / Content Repositories