We’ve been a Gold Sponsor at the Alfresco Day in Paris, so Volker and Mario attended to this great event. Like the year before (at the same location) it was very crowded with many people visiting! We’ve socialized with our partners and also with some of our customers. Of course, there has been a few […]

Volker and Mario has attended the Alfresco Partner Day (September 24th) and the Alfresco Day in London, UK. Unlike last year, where the event happened in December, this year it took place in September. The event location was brilliant. From our booth we could see Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. Besides we met […]

In April, Mario took again the long trip over the Atlantic ocean to attend the Alfresco Day in New York City. We did not want to miss this important day and supported it with a Silver sponsorship. The event was held in the Apella hotel (as it was back in 2017 back in 2017). Our […]

We’ve attended the Alfresco Developer Conference 2019 in Edinburgh, Scotland. As already last year in Lisbon, this was a fantastic and well organized Alfresco event. We’re always happy to see the Alfresco developers in person (which we don’t meet usually at the Alfresco Days). The most time we see them just on email lists. Our […]

In January, Mario took the long trip to California to attend the Alfresco Day in San Francisco. The last Alfresco Day we’ve attended in the US was back in 2017 in New York City. The event in downtown San Francisco was well organized by Alfresco (as always) and for us a great success. We’ve meet our […]

The last Alfresco Day in year 2018 happened in London, on December 6! We’ve been glad to be a sponsor of this great event, happened at a fantastic location in central London. The whole team made their way to the capital of GB. The evening before, we had great fun at the partner dinner (restaurant […]

The most popular Alfresco Day of the year took place on Wednesday, October 10th, 2018 at the famous Pavillon Gabriel in Paris. Guess what!? We’ve been there 🙂 It was a warm summer day (even it was October) at a very representative location. Glad to have met our partners and customer where we had great conversations.

Just a week after attending the Alfresco Day in Amsterdam, we’ve visited Spain to participate on June 19th, 2018 the Alfresco Day in Madrid. It was overwhelming to meet some of our Spanish customers as well as our Spanish partners and the Spanish Alfrescans as well again! Such a last Spanish Alfresco event has happened […]

Volker & Mario attended to the Alfresco Day in Amsterdam on June 12th, 2018. It took place in the NEMO Science Center in downtown Amsterdam. We’ve been glad to be, again, part of such a great event and met our partners as well as new prospects.

Volker has attended at the Alfresco Day in Warsaw, Poland on April 17th, 2018. The event took place at the conference room in the Hotel Bristol, in the oldtown of Warsaw (same place as the Alfresco Day back in 2015). He was happy to meet our polish partner from BMS (which was by the way […]